Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Craft Coupons and Halloween Ideas

Coupons. Halloween Ideas. And a little bit more.

We all need more money. Yes of course to pay our bills but also to buy more crafting supplies. Or it just me?

Here are some coupons and Halloween crafting ideas.

DRILL15  15% of drills, drill bits - you get the idea.
Jewelry Tools
 This company offers a very complete line of high quality tools for the jewelry making. Everything from metal working, polishing, hand tools - the list goes on. Sign up for the newsletter.  It isn't too frequent and always offers a sale on a product category to subscribers.

HALWN5 $5off any order

WCE4110 Free shipping on orders $49.00 or more
Oriental Trading Company

Yes this business started out with party supplies but they have grown and offer some pretty good craft, hobby and jewelry making supplies.  I have bought lamp worked beads from them and have only once been disappointed. And they refunded my disappointment.

Basic supplies, crafts for kids, scrapbooking. Certainly worth a look.
They also have beading kits. You can put your toe into the jewelry making water with minimal investment.

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