Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Crafts: Bobbins, 1-Step Looper, Jewelry Adhesive - I Love These Products

Some times a product comes to my attention and I wonder how I ever did without.

Over a decade ago I found GS Hypo Cement. A fantastic product with a syringe precision applicator. I use it for jewelry making usually to expel glue inside a bead but the possibilities are endless. Hypo cement works on glass, plastic, metal, sealed woods and ceramics. I consider this a must have supply. The cap has a thin pin that inserts into the syringe and that has recently become an issue - as I have 'ahem' matured I have a very hard time seeing the syringe opening. Now to my FIND.

 Behold the 1-step looper.

This tool makes a consistent size wire loop. Better than looping pliers you don't have to mark the same spot on the pliers. Just place a headpin or wire in the hole on the side and squeeze the plier.

The 1-step looper takes some practice to become comfortable using but the reward is the ability to have a round loop made rapidly and easily.  Now my connecting loops are identical. Making two loops on either side of a bead is a breeze, Insert the wire, make a loop, slide on a bead and make another loop. Using this tool is so easy, like a daisy the pleasure is in the simplicity.

Another recent find is thread spools or bobbins. I found this product when I decided to make some kumihimo braids to I wanted to use a pattern for a square plate and needed a new one. These bobbins spare irritation by avoiding tangling of threads. Made of flexible plastic and easily opened they come in 3 sizes, 8 bobbins to a bag. I find the 1 7/8" spools the easiest to work with but other sizes available are 2 1/2" and 3 1/2". Again, how was I oblivious to this wonderful tool?  I keep buying more because they have made weaving, braiding, kumihimo and macramé more enjoyable.

Extra tip, using a weight when braiding with kumihimo is a great help but the weights are pricey.  I have developed an alternative and hope to have available for sale soon.

Have fun and let me know if you have found a great crafting or jewelry making tool.

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